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Brew Glitter Buzz

  • Peach Champagne Glittery Float-Brew Glitter®

    Peach Champagne Glittery Float

    Looking for the perfect Champagne Glittery cocktail recipe for your Mother’s Day brunch? We would recommend trying our Peach Champagne Glittery Float using Orange Edible Glitter! This cocktail is the perfect amount of tartness and sweet tang that makes you want more, which is why it is one of our go-to brunch cocktail. Plus, you get to eat gelato while you drink! It's such a fun beverage! 


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  • Unicorn Glitter Cocktail-Brew Glitter®

    Unicorn Glitter Cocktail

    Why yes, we are observing National Unicorn Day over here at Brew Glitter, and we’re getting ready to celebrate in style with unicorn drinks that are straight out of a sparkly, glittery dream. The occasion mavens on the Brew Glitter team are known for their colorful cocktails and were tickled pink when they got to dream up shimmering cocktails for this important holiday. We used Sky BluePurple, and Pink Brew Glitter to make this cocktail. 
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  • Sunset Tequila Cocktail using Yellow Brew Glitter-Brew Glitter®

    Sunset Tequila Cocktail using Yellow Brew Glitter

    This Sunset Tequila Cocktail with Yellow Brew Glitter is the ideal option if you really want to make an impression this Easter Sunday! It's a rather easy cocktail to make and serve and makes for a good show regardless if you're a bartender or not! The Yellow Brew Glitter we've used matches the pineapple juice to perfection, turning an ordinary drink into a showstopper Easter treat of note.
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  • Morning Green Drinks for Saint Patrick's Day-Brew Glitter®

    Morning Green Drinks for Saint Patrick's Day

    Looking for the perfect drink to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day? Start your day with a Green Coffee! We created the tastiest green iced coffee! We used our Green Brew Glitter to create a glittery whipped toping! We have another perfect drink blend that works for adults and kids! We have created our Shamrock Shake with a glittery and sugary rim! We used our Green Edible Glitter and our Gold Pearl Sugar Sand to create a festive drink! This shake can also be used to create a cold cocktail by adding an Irish Cream Liquor!
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  • Shamrock Morning Shake For Saint Patrick's Day-Brew Glitter®

    Shamrock Morning Shake For Saint Patrick's Day

    This St. Patrick's Day we are practicing self care and relaxation! Celebrate with the rest of the world but instead of having a green beer, have a green smoothie! This recipe is amazing to make and to serve to your family! Wake them up with a green yummy surprise! We added a glittery sugar rim to create a fun breakfast drink. We used honey to create a sticky base to rim our cups with green edible glitter with a green and gold sugar rim! 
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