Memorial Day

What do you drink on Memorial Day? Well, anything you like really, as long as you lift it in a toast to the fallen heroes who died defending our country. On the last Monday in May, citizens throughout the US get together to commemorate the service of these our stalwart countrymen, often combining it with lovely picnics and summer cocktails to welcome the advent of the sunny season.

With Brewglitter you can turn just about any drink into something memorable that will really set your Memorial Day festivities apart. We offer a variety of 100% edible drink glitters that can be mixed into any type of beverage you prefer - from virgin Pina Coladas to freshly made lemonade, sodas for the kids, watermelon sangria, you name it. Simply decide what you will be pouring, choose a Brewglitter color that suits the look and feel of your theme, and go to town!