Stock Up On Essentials for Easter Cocktails and Spring Drinks with Brew Glitter

This time of year, Easter cocktails are on everyone's mind. Whether you are getting ready to welcome friends and family at your house for festive meals and get-togethers, or want to entice customers at your restaurant or bar with holiday-themed drinks, adding some Brew Glitter to the mix is always a novel idea. Serve up fresh spring cocktails with a swirl of shimmer and shine to add some sparkle to everyone's day!

Easter gin cocktails and mocktails are always refreshing, and you can even gallop with an egg and rabbit theme to delight with drinks that feature shimmery Easter eggs or rabbit's ears as a garnish! The sky's the limit when you start playing around with fun flavor profiles and color. Take a look at our festive Brew Glitter options below and use them as inspiration to push out the boat on Easter cocktails this year.