Brew Glitter Spray Action Pump

Nope, you are not dreaming - we have in fact gone and put our Brew Glitter® in a spray pump for your complete convenience! We understand that when you use glitter for drinks, spills can sometimes happen, and while a little shimmer and shine never hurt anybody, it's always best to keep your hands (and countertops!) nice and clean. Cue the all-singing, all-dancing edible glitter pump spray unit that will allow you to dress up your drinks while keeping your fingers squeaky clean.

Our 25g pumps contain enough Brew Glitter® to dial up the fabulousness on 100+ cocktails, and, as always, remain suitable for just about everyone. Add it to your favorite hot or cold beverages (coffee, milkshakes, freshly made lemonade, ice-cold champagne, beautifully layered cocktails - you name it) for a hint of sparkle without any mess or fuss. It's so easy you're going to be wondering why you didn't get food-grade edible glitter in a pump ages ago!