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Creative Geniuses.

We've got a lot of names for our amazing family of supporters who do a little bit each day to help spread the word about their love for glitter drinks. They're baristas, bartenders, mixologists, and creative souls. They live with passion, and they share that passion with the world. 

Drink Creators Wanted

We are looking for a wide range of talented mixologists & creators to represent the Brew Glitter® brand! Some drink categories & specialties to represent the Brew Glitter® brand would include; baristas, bartenders, mixologists, and other drink creators!


Essential to our company, our beverage and cocktail ambassadors test, critique, and tell stories about our products through their creations. They are the top cocktail artists, mixologists, baristas, and recipe developers in the field! They provide us with invaluable input as they use our cocktail supplies to create their work, and they share tips and tricks on how they achieve amazing glittery cocktails, beverages, and more!

Since 2016, The Brew Glitter® Group has been the comprehensive eCommerce & eWholesale destination for passion-driven cocktail products, edible glitters & food brands. With unique and innovative brands such as Bakell, BBQthingz, Krazy Sprinkles, Smokin Grill' BBQ, Tinker Dust and Brew Glitter to name a few, The Brew Glitter® Group has successfully created and scaled market-leading companies, empowering a lifestyle of self-expression & creativity one individual at a time. Let's face it, if we don't produce amazing products for our ambassadors to use, we know where our products will end up - in a kitchen cupboard, gathering dust.

Ready to Join The Team?

Let's Get Started!

If you're interested in learning more about becoming a Brew Glitter® brand ambassador, we encourage you to apply! We're looking for individuals that have a passion to share their love for glitter drinks using our award winning products. You don't have to be a photo/video pro - but yeah, it helps. You don't have to have a large social media following - but yeah, it helps.

We're looking for people who embody what the Brew Glitter® Brand represents to help contribute & spread that love to others! We're looking forward to hearing from you. See the FAQ section below and then fill out the Brew Glitter® Ambassador application form!

Frequently Asked Questions

We are looking for a wide range of drink artists to represent the Brew Glitter® brand! Some drink categories & specialties would include; baristas, bartenders, mixologists, and creative drink geniuses!









Our Certificates

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Brew Glitter is Kosher Certified Pareve | Kosher Certified Manufacturing Facility | Kosher Certified Sprinkles | Kosher Certified Products | Kosher Approved Ingredients | Kosher Approved Products | Kosher Certified FD&C Food Coloring Pigments |
Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Brew Glitter is HACCP Certified
Edible Glitter, Luster Dust, Petal Dust, Highlighter Dust, Sprinkles, Iridescent Glitter, Cocktail Glitter, Beer Glitter, Silicone Molds, Cookie Cutters, Stencils | Made in the USA | FDA Approved | FD&C Food Coloring Powders | MICA glitter | Brew Glitter
Brew Glitter is GMP Certified for manufacturing practices. Full traceability safety consistent manufacturing
Brew Glitter is Halal Certified | Halal Certified Food and Glitter Manufacturing Facility | Halal Certified Sprinkles | Halal Certified Confectionery Products | Halal Approved Ingredients | Halal Approved Products | Halal MICA Glitter | FD&C colors |

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