Flavored Tinker Dust

Party it up just a little bit more the right way, the fulfilled way with Flavored Tinker Dust.

You're adding more of "what should be there" to the experience when you add gleaming garnishes or party food that is Sweet or Sweet and Sour depending on which flavored Tinker Dust you choose.

We are introducing our Flavored Tinker Dust - to people who turn over the right stones.

This is admittedly rock-star level stuff - for drink garnishes and food presentation that should be backstage or at a resort somewhere.

Our edible glitter is trusted by millions already!

Flavored Tinker Dusts unlocked the ability for creating insatiable fantasy coming in a variety of flavors with the starry shower sparkle you want!

Our flavored edible glitters use only FDA-approved ingredients that are Kosher Pareve certified, 100% edible, vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free & guilt-free! Our flavored glitter is a potent, shiny, beautiful edible glitter that will add a WOW factor to any food, drink, or confectionery creation!

This product is also available in WholesalePrivate Label & Bulk sizes!

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