St. Patrick's Day

If there ever was an occasion to bring your A-game in the drinks department, it has to be St Patrick's Day. The Irish are world-renowned for their fun-loving nature, bonhomie, and craic, and they love to drink a toast to all the beautiful things in life. Step up the plate this St Paddy's day by adding some Brewglitter to the mix.

The Brewglitter edible glitter enthusiasts have created some great package options in hues of green and gold, but you can also choose your favorite colors from the standard lineup if you wish. Once you make that tough decision, it's as easy as stirring a bit of the FDA-approved, Halal-friendly Brewglitter into your fun St. Patrick's Day cocktails to add a dash of delightful shimmer and shine. The best Irish drinks around the holiday tend to be green, but don't let this box you in. You can most definitely serve up an orange shamrock sour cocktail if you want to!