Tinker Dust® | Edible Glitter

Tinker Dust® edible food & garnish glitter is different than their glittery brother counterpart Brew Glitter®, which is made specifically for beverages, our Tinker Dust® is manufactured and made to do one thing incredibly well... make your food & desserts shimmer & really pop! Although this food grade glitter looks similar to our cornerstone beverage glitter, Brew Glitter®, it couldn't be more different. With a larger particle size, a flakier make up and far lighter, this edible glitter will give your desserts, cookies, cakes, or any other food you want to put this glitter on an amazing shimmering WOW factor that will make your guests or customers jaws drop! Tinker Dust® is FDA compliant, vegan, GMO free and kosher certified!