Brew Glitter Holiday Sets

At Brew Glitter® there is nothing we love better than a happy occasion, which is why we love ALL the holidays. Give us a reason to celebrate any day! This is why you can always look to us when a festive season (any festive season!) rolls around - we will always have holiday sets at great rates, and even better deals when you buy bulk so you can share the love.

Festive cocktails are a great way to add some fun and sparkle to any event; not to mention dazzling desserts of course. Find your favorite holiday set below and get ready to serve up gorgeous holiday cocktails and classic holiday drinks with fun new twists that set it apart from the rest. With Brew Glitter®, it is so simple and satisfying to add a hint of shimmer to literally any festive beverage - all you need is a little bit of imagination and a small amount of our 100% edible, FDA-approved, Halal-friendly drinks glitter.