Wine & Champagne Glitter

Do you know what's even more delightful than a really good glass of wine or champagne? Sparkle drinks that add a dash of glitz, dazzle, and glamor to any event, wedding, and party! This is why we are happy to report that Brew Glitter® is suitable for use as wine glitter and champagne glitter - simply add a touch of shimmer to any glass you pour and get ready to up the ante on your beverage selection without missing a beat.

Our 100% edible, FDA-approved glitters are available in an array of dazzling colors, including red, white, and rose gold, and can also be added to wine or champagne before the bottling process. This way you can bring your drinks to market in a fresh new way to set them apart on the shelf in a fun and unexpected way. So whether you want to use Brew Glitter® at home, or plan to incorporate it in your wine or champagne brand, you're good to go! Buy in bulk at wholesale prices and save big!