Brew Glitter Wholesale

So, it seems you can't get enough of our striking range of Brew Glitter®, and we can't really blame you - there is so much you can do with it! From ravishing glitter cocktails to shimmery drinks that steal the show every time, a dash of drinks glitter will always set your beverages apart from the rest. This is why we are now treating you to some excellent wholesale prices when you buy Brew Glitter® edible glitter for drinks by the case!

Available in 4g, 25g, 45g, 50g, 1lb, and 1kg you can now buy Brew Glitter® in any color your heart desires. This includes gold, rose gold, clear, teal, silver, pink, purple, and more! Just follow the simple steps when you click through to our e-commerce space, and you will be ready to serve up shimmer cocktails in no time at all. We make bulk order shipment a priority, so you can keep an eye out for your wholesale Brew Glitter® soon, once you've hit the 'add to cart' button.