Sports Drinks & Energy Drinks

Let Your Energy Drinks & Sports Drinks Pop on The Shelf With Brew Glitter

Energy drinks and sports drinks are gaining in popularity by the day, as the widespread of active pursuits continue to grow around the globe. By adding shimmer powder for drinks you can differentiate your brand from the rest on crowded retail shelves. After all, why settle for a plain old cooldrink when you can grab a sparkle energy drink or glitter sports drink that will put some pep in your step?

You can now cash in on this fantastic drinks trend by Brew Glitter® products or Brew Dust® products in bulk at wholesale prices to turn your marketable drinks assets into something truly memorable. Click here to see how much Brew Glitter you would need to buy to get your drinks to shimmer and shine. Remember, we are only an email away if you want to learn more about our products and how you can use it to upgrade your drinks for sale on the shelf. Need to know how much "Brew Glitter" to buy, no problem, just click here or click here to calculate!