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  • Valentines Day Cocktail Ideas-Brew Glitter®

    Valentines Day Cocktail Ideas

    Celebrate this Valentines Day with a Glittery Cocktail! We have created and shared some of our best cocktails that would pair great with a boozy night of romance! We have included 6 cocktails that are absolutely stunning and tasty! Don't forget to check out our Valentine's Day Collection to create an extra special night on Valentines Day 2021! 
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  • Cranberry Cocktail using Red Brew Glitter-Brew Glitter®

    Cranberry Cocktail using Red Brew Glitter

    One of our favorite parts of Valentine’s Day is making pink cocktails, we can't wait to show you the cocktails we have made up for you all! For this Valentine’s Day, I decided I wanted to make a fun cocktail that is great to share with your valentine that is glittery and romantic to serve! We created a Cranberry Vodka Cocktail using our Red Brew Glitter
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  • New Years Jello Shots using Brew Glitter Pumps!-Brew Glitter®

    New Years Jello Shots using Brew Glitter Pumps!

    Looking for a new way to celebrate the New Year? Jello Shots are a fun and colorful way to entertain adults throughout the New Year! This is an easy way to lighten up your party with these colorful glittery shots! For our Jello Shots we used the classic Silver Brew Glitter and Gold Brew Glitter! We recommend having a 25g Brew Glitter Pump for an easy way to dispense your Brew Glitter! The pump is an amazing tool to have for any bartender to avoid messes and for quicker drink preparation time.
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  • Glittery Blue Margarita using Sky Blue Cocktail Glitter!-Brew Glitter®

    Glittery Blue Margarita using Sky Blue Cocktail Glitter!

    A classic drink, the electric blue margarita made with blue curacao is sure to hit the spot. Served on the rocks, it's so easy to make. We love adding Blue Curacao to our cocktail because it adds a bit of an orange flavor to the drink, which, if you are an orange lover and margarita fan then this is the perfect margarita to recreate!! This Blue Margarita is an easy drink to make, and a fun way to switch up your typical margarita recipe. We have added our Sky Blue Brew Glitter to create a beautiful glittery light blue cocktail. You simply mix everything in a cocktail shaker, and in your brew glitter to your cup and pour it over ice. You could also salt your rim with our Tinker Dust to create a glittery pop!
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  • Grapefruit Gin Fizz using Yellow Cocktail Glitter!-Brew Glitter®

    Grapefruit Gin Fizz using Yellow Cocktail Glitter!

    This festive cocktail is bubbly, slightly tart, yet sweet and super refreshing! This Grapefruit Gin Fizz Cocktail is a fresh and delicious twist on a classic gin fizz. When you want a light and refreshing citrus cocktail that is pretty and tasty, this is the drink for you!  This citrus cocktail is simple to make, you will have your friends thinking you are an expert mixologist.
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  • New Years Cocktail Ideas!-Brew Glitter®

    New Years Cocktail Ideas!

    Join us this new years with these incredible cocktails that will amaze your guests! Who wouldn't want to start off their year drinking a glittery beverage!
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  • Old Fashioned Cocktail using Bronze Brew Glitter-Brew Glitter®

    Old Fashioned Cocktail using Bronze Brew Glitter

    It’s time to put the Thanksgiving Punch and Christmas Punch away and ring in the new year with some an Old Fashioned Cocktail! This Rosemary Bourbon Cocktail is a modern twist on a classic drink. Our secret is adding our Bronze Brew Glitter to this amazing herb-infused whiskey cocktail. If you don’t like bourbon, you’re still in luck. We’ve tested this recipe using vodka and gin, and it’s delicious
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  • Christmas Punch Cocktail-Brew Glitter®

    Christmas Punch Cocktail

    Christmas is one of the most awaited holiday events around the world, a time for sharing love and making new friends. During the holiday season many different people join in to cheer for their favorite teams and compete in sports, and many people enjoy drinking. One of the drinks you will enjoy the most during Christmas is a Glittery Dante House Punch⁣ . Not only is this cocktail so tasty it's glittery, fun, and festive!
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