Iced Tea, Juice & Water Glitters

Add Some Magic to Any Event with Sparkly Juice, Glitter Water or Shimmery Ice Tea

Looking to add a dash of magic to non-alcoholic drinks like juice, ice tea, or even a nice refreshing glass of water? Look no further than Brew Glitter! Even though our edible, FDA-approved, Halal-friendly drinkable glitter is very popular for use in cocktails, it's also tailor-made for the lighter, more refreshing end of the drinks spectrum.

So whether you want to whip up a batch of sparkle juice for a baby shower, serve sparkle drinks at a teenage birthday party, or simply feel like having a glass of glitter water at home every now and again just because, Brew Glitter is a perfect choice. Shop your favorite colors below and get ready to dial up the awesome on any drink you choose to swirl! Brew Glitter® products can also be purchased in BULK or bottle our beverage glitters in your own bottled water or bottled iced tea brands and resell it with your logo on. Calculate how much "Brew Glitter" to buy.