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Brew Glitter Buzz

  • Beer Berry Punch-Brew Glitter®

    Beer Berry Punch

    Whether you are celebrating at the beach, barbecuing at a park, or having a backyard get together, we are bringing you a summertime beat-the-heat ice-cold refreshing beverage. All you need is the following simple ingredients and you are on your way to arctic bliss.
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  • The Classic Shandy-Brew Glitter®

    The Classic Shandy

    When the summer temperatures rise and you need a simple, easy to make refreshing beverage look no further than the shandy. When I first heard the name shandy it sounded like a dance from the 50's. After a quick internet search I discovered there is a groovy band from Australia with the name. Anyhow, a shandy is simply a category of drink that pairs a lemon flavored drink with beer. There are several shandy variations but our version today is the timeless classic mix of lemonade, beer, and tequila. Corona beer is a favorite but any pale lager, pilsner, or wheat beer will pair nicely. 
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  • International Beer Day with Brew Glitter-Brew Glitter®

    International Beer Day with Brew Glitter

    Millions of people around the globe will celebrate International Beer Day on August 6th! As the number one manufacturer in the world of 100% edible beverage glitter, Brew Glitter wants you to celebrate in style and to show how different types of beer look with our shimmering glitter mixed in.
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  • The Ultimate Guide to Garnish a Cocktail with Cucumber by Marie Yoshimizu-Brew Glitter®

    The Ultimate Guide to Garnish a Cocktail with Cucumber by Marie Yoshimizu

    There are several ways to garnish cocktails. Sometimes you do not need any garnish. Sometimes you express a strip of citrus and drop it into the glass. Sometimes just a maraschino cherry is enough. There are no rules to garnish your cocktail! In these following examples, I will show you how to make a next level Americano, how to make a Gin and Tonic extra refreshing, and how to hit the jackpot with your Casino martini.
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  • Celebrating Pride with Brew Glitter-Brew Glitter®

    Celebrating Pride with Brew Glitter

    In the United States and many other countries around the globe Pride Month is celebrated in June and the official Pride Day is June 28th. One of Pride's most recognizable symbols is the rainbow flag which was created by Gilbert Baker in 1978. In the spirit of Pride Month celebration we here at Brew Glitter have rainbow themed recommendations of Brew Glitter colors and stirring straws. Not to mention, we're giving you 15% off our whole Pride Collection!
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  • 4th of July Shimmering Sweet Martini-Brew Glitter®

    4th of July Shimmering Sweet Martini

    The iconic martini is one of the most popular cocktails around. Since we are rimming the glass with sweet Sugar Sand it makes sense to call this a "sweet" martini. To do so simply use sweet vermouth instead of a dry vermouth. The glittery shimmer and shine of the Brew Glitter is definitely attention grabbing. A frequently asked question is if the Brew Glitter changes the taste of the drink. It is has no taste so rest assured any cocktail you carefully design for taste will not be affected by adding Brew Glitter.
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