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Brew Glitter Buzz

  • Christmas Night in a Cup-Brew Glitter®

    Christmas Night in a Cup

    The amazing Christmas Holiday brings some of the best times with families- and some amazing winter nights. Who doesn't love a nice drink to pair with a lovely night? We bring you the Christmas Night in a Cup- just what your family needs for the Holidays.
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  • A Grinch-tastic Christmas Cocktail-Brew Glitter®

    A Grinch-tastic Christmas Cocktail

    With red, white and gold covering the color scheme of this holiday season, we think it's time that we add a little green to your Holiday season. And what better way is there to do it than making a drink based off of a Holiday Classic?  
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  • Hanukkah Sparkling Pear Sangria-Brew Glitter®

    Hanukkah Sparkling Pear Sangria

    Welcome back, Brew Glitter Fam! How is everyone's Hanukkah season? Well, we hope it's been amazing, but what if I said Brew Glitter could make it even better?

    The first drink we're going to create a Sparkling Pear Sangria- wonderfully refreshing drink that has the loveliest after taste.
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  • Apple Thyme Burbon Smash-Brew Glitter®

    Apple Thyme Burbon Smash

    Here at Brew Glitter, we want to make your pumpkin season memorable, and add a little magic to your cocktails. It's the time of year where pumpkins and multi-colored leaves are the star. With the cooling weather, the season wouldn't be complete without a bourbon drink that will warm you right up. With the reminds us of spiked cider, let's enjoy the autumn breeze and make it an icon of the season.
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  • Pumpkin Whiskey Smash-Brew Glitter®

    Pumpkin Whiskey Smash

    The season of pumpkin patches, piles of leaves, cinnamon lattes and warm sweaters is upon us. Every year, people around the world celebrate the closing of summer with friends and family
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  • Shot of Magic-Brew Glitter®

    Shot of Magic

    What's Halloween without a little spooky drink to go with the festivities?
    As the #1 manufacturer for edible glitter in the world, Brew Glitter wants you to have fun and celebrate this Halloween season with style.
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  • Cauldron Punch-Brew Glitter®

    Cauldron Punch

    Need a spook-tastic drink for your Halloween celebration? Look no further with Brew Glitter's Spiked Cauldron, and read to the end to make a kid friendly one. 
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  • Oktoberfest Radler Beer-Brew Glitter®

    Oktoberfest Radler Beer

    To continue the Oktoberfest celebrations, Brew Glitter wants to show you a refreshing, yet classic Bavarian beverage to brighten your day. As the #1 manufacturer for edible glitter in the world, we want to elevate your drinking experience this Oktoberfest season. By adding our Brew Glitter, you elevate your beverage from ordinary to extraordinary. 
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  • Oktoberfest Drink Guide-Brew Glitter®

    Oktoberfest Drink Guide

    For almost 210 years, Oktoberfest has taken the world by storm. As the #1 manufacturer for edible glitter in the world, Brew Glitter wants you to continue this celebration and show you how to style traditional Oktoberfest beer with our brew glitter. Almost every year over 6 million people gather in the largest beer celebration in the world. What started out as a celebration for the Prince of Bavaria has now become a global celebration that takes place all around the world.
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