Cocktail Drink Glitter

When the Brew Glitter® team set out to develop a range of top-notch cocktail glitters, we understood that shimmer cocktails come in all shapes and sizes. This is why we pushed out the boat to bring you all of the necessities for sparkling cocktails in a full range of rainbow hues. This includes everything from gold, orange, bronze, and yellow, to green, teal, dark green, blue, silver, black, white, purple, pink, rose gold - you name it, we've got a glitter color to match it. Find your perfect size: click here!

Brew Glitter® products can also be purchased in BULK at significant discounts for large events, weddings & parties! Or are you interested in buying in bulk and carry several glittery signature cocktails on the menu to differentiate your drinks & cocktails from a crowded market.