Whiskey & Liquor Glitters

Looking for liquor glitters? You are in exactly the right place. Brew Glitter® is the ideal edible, mixable, super-easy-to-use glitter for whiskey, vodka, gin, and just about any other liquor you can imagine. Whiskey glitters may be a novel idea, but we say there is no reason why any drink should be excluded from the shimmer parade! As such, we took care to make our drinks glitter formulation suitable for use with hardtack as well.  

This means that you can use our range of gorgeous FDA-approved, Halal-friendly with your favorite liquors in the same way that you would add it to cocktails, wine, or other beverages. You simply add a small measure to the glass, give it a quick stir, and in no time at all the drink will be transformed into a shimmery delight without any change to the taste at all! It's really as simple as that - no mess, no fuss, just some delightful shine. Get bulk sizes here & save!