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Non-Alcoholic Drinks for Hanukkah using Edible Beverage Glitter!-Brew Glitter®

Non-Alcoholic Drinks for Hanukkah using Edible Beverage Glitter!

Celebrating Hanukkah has to be one of the best holidays you can celebrate with your family and especially for the little ones as they receive gifts every night of the festival!

Nothing says ‘Happy Hanukkah’ like serving a fun new drink every single night. Hanukkah is a fun religious experience: eight days of celebration, full with feasts accompanied with your favorite Hanukkah cocktails, hot chocolate, lemonade, or coffee with a slice of Challah Bread. These Hanukkah glittery beverages will perfectly complement your meal and make 2020's celebrations feel even more festive.



We created a sweet home- made lemonade mixed with Brew Glitter to create a festive themed drink! You can also spike this lemonade with your favorite champagne to create a smooth glittery adult drink (Or Manischewitz wine, a classic Hanukkah beverage)!


For this drink we used the following Brew Glitter:

Take your hot chocolate to the next level by using our beverage glitter! Paint your marshmallows with our brew dust. As your marshmallows sink into your hot chocolate the fun colors will mix in or sprinkle a dash of Brew Glitter to create a fun glittery beverage! We used the following Brew Dust:



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