Buy Brew Glitter & Brew Dust Wholesale

Did you know that we offer our popular Brew Glitter® products in big-batch quantities at wholesale prices? We do! When you buy our Brew Dust®, Brew Glitter®, rimming sugars, and other edible glitter accouterments by the case, we like to meet you halfway and give you a great deal on these cocktail-making essentials. Get ready to serve up sensational shimmery glitter drinks when you stock up on your favorite products in any color and container size you prefer. This includes containers of 4g, 25g, 45g, 50g, 1lb, and 1kg and case quantities of between 5 to 48 units per case depending on the size of the containers in question.

It also includes all of our awesome Brew Glitter® colors. Yes - rose gold, teal, white, red, orange, maroon, light purple, green, dark green, bronze, black, gold, pink, clear, blue, yellow, and all the rest - the whole shebang is subject to the same great wholesale rate. We even offer handy multi-colored boxes. All you need to do is 1) select the color you want, 2) select your price tier based on the quantity you want to purchase, and 3) select the quantity. Add to cart and off you go! It's as easy as that to get great deals on wholesale Brew Glitter® products. 

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