Wholesale Edible Color Changing Beverage Glitter for Creating Colorful Cocktails & Magical Drinks

When we launched our NEW Color Changing Brew Glitter® we knew that it would sell like hotcakes, and we were proven right straight away. It seems you fine folks can't get enough of it, and we cannot blame you - there are so many ways to use this nifty product.

From colorful cocktails for gender-reveal parties to magical drinks for weddings, baby showers, kiddie’s birthday parties, Bat Mitzvahs, and more, there are endless ways to put our NEW Color Changing Brew Glitter® to good use. Plus, it's just so much FUN! Life is so serious nowadays that everyone can do with a bit of YAY, don't you think? So, to give you even more of the good stuff and provide you with all the tools to create as many magical cocktails as you want at home or your hospitality establishment, we are giving you the opportunity to purchase NEW Color Changing Brew Glitter® at wholesale prices when you need to stock up on large quantities.

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