Get Wholesale Prices on Brew Glitter® Spray Pump Units

Brew Glitter® Spray Pumps are very popular with large-scale users of glitter for drinks. It's no wonder really - our glitter pump selection is so easy to use and comes in a fantastic array of FDA-approved colors to suit just about any beverage you can dream up. This is why we are now offering wholesale prices on our spray pump collection to make it cheap to stock up if your business uses a lot of drinks glitter and would like to benefit from better prices on larger orders.

Simply select the edible glitter pump spray in the color you want, indicate your price tier, and then determine which quantity you want to buy - complete your purchase and await delivery of our USA-manufactured drinks glitter right to your door.

Brew Glitter® Spray Pumps are sold at wholesale rates when you buy per case in 4g, 25g, 45g, 50g, 1lb, and 1kg quantities of any color listed below.