Lilac Purple Edible Brew Dust | Mini Spray Pump-Brew Glitter®
Lilac Purple Edible Brew Dust | Mini Spray Pump-Brew Glitter®
Lilac Purple Edible Brew Dust | Mini Spray Pump-Brew Glitter®
Lilac Purple Edible Brew Dust | Mini Spray Pump-Brew Glitter®
Lilac Purple Edible Brew Dust | Mini Spray Pump-Brew Glitter®
Brew Glitter

Lilac Purple Edible Brew Dust | Mini Spray Pump


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Lilac Purple Edible Brew Dust | Mini 4 Gram Spray Pump

Brew Dust is dust for your drink. That's it. No gimmicks, no tricks. Just dust.

But don't let the simplicity fool you—this stuff is powerful! It comes in a variety of colors and shades, so you can add just a pinch to your beverage of choice to give it some shimmer or color. It's 100% edible, so you can eat it worry free—it's that safe! And its only FDA compliant ingredients, so there are no crazy chemicals or anything like that involved in making this product.

Brew Dust is now available in a miniature pump bottle, perfect for stashing in your bag or purse and using on-the-go. We've even made sure the nozzle is easy to use and clean up after use, so even if your glittery drink gets a bit messy when you're out having fun with friends at night (or during the day), Brew Dust makes cleaning up after yourself easier than ever before.

So what are you waiting for? Add some Brew Dust to your life today!


Brew Dust® is the perfect partner for any beverage you can think of! Brew Dust® is a subtle, yet hypnotizing shimmer of color for all drinks. With twenty different colors to choose from, Brew Dust® is certain to meet your beverage shimmer perfection. Just simply add a pinch or two into your beverage of choice, mix and watch heads turn in awe of your glistening masterpiece.

Lilac Purple Brew Dust Miniature Spray Pump | Infographic and Information


  • Brew Dust® is FDA compliant & 100% edible/ consumable - learn more
  • Brew Dust® is Vegan, Nut Free, Dairy Free & Gluten Free
  • Brew Dust® is 100% Kosher Certified, click here
  • Brew Dust® Halal Certifiedclick here
  • Brew Dust® is mineral based, not sugar based, so it does not dissolve
  • Brew Dust® is tasteless & texture-less
  • Brew Dust® comes in dozens of colors
  • For an easier application try our Brew Dust flip top cap. Click Here
  • Learn tips & tricks as to how to keg "glitter beer" - click here
  • Brew Dust® is available for Bulk Purchase, Wholesale & Resale
  • FDA Usage: 0.07% - equivalent to half 4g jar of Brew Glitter (0.7g) per liter (1000g)

      FDA Registered Facility, GMP Certified, KOSHER and HALAL, HACCP,

      Although we do our best to represent the product color as accurately as possible, the product color displayed on your device can look different from one device to the next and look different than what you receive. If your project is ultra-sensitive where the exact color is required, please purchase a sample of the product first. 


        Basic color theory applies when using our colored edible glitters in drinks; meaning if you mix "Blue Brew Glitter" with a "dark yellow or gold drink" you will get a Green Colored Drink (i.e., yellow + blue = green). So, if you don't want to change the color of your beverage use a colored glitter that matches your drink color.

        How Much Brew Glitter Should I Use

        Our food grade Brew Glitter® products are the perfect compliment for cocktails, beer, spirits, wine, champagne, tea, ice coffee, soda, lemonade & any other alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage you can think of! But the question of "how much should I use" or "how much do I need" are questions that always get asked! Below you will find helpful measurement guidelines and links to "easy to use calculators" based on what beverage or drink type you plan to use!

        Everyday Use by the Glass And Simple To Use Calculators

        For the everyday consumer who is looking to simply pick up one or two of our standard size "4 GRAM JARS" - you will be happy to know that a little goes a long way! One of our standard 4 GRAM jars will yield approx 15-20 standard 5 oz cocktail drinks! Below are a couple of simple calculators to help you out, or check out our easy to read Brew Glitter® drink chart diagram below;

        • If your are throwing an event or party and know how many guests and drinks you will be serving, click here
        • If you are ordering from our BULK sizes and want to know much it will yield, click here

        How Do I Add The Brew Glitter Product To My Drink

        Simply add a couple of pinches of Brew Glitter® to your favorite beverage using a small spoon or simply shake a little into your drink and watch your drink shimmer, swirl & glitter! With a couple pinches of Brew Glitter® everyone at your party, wedding, brunch or dinner event will be amazed - it's that cool of a product!

        Do You Recommend The Jars, Shakers Or Spray Bottle For A Bar Application?

        When using our products in a busy bar setting, we know that time is money and no bartender has the time to open a jar and start spooning out glitter into a glass and/or cocktail shaker. Both the spray pumps and the shakers are easily the most popular product we sell to bar, club and restaurant groups. These two options obviously make for an easy time-friendly application to liven up any beer or cocktail but they will also allow for a more controlled application to ensure consistency in every drink served. The other thing to note is that a little glitter goes a long way so as your create cocktails on your menu using Brew Glitter, you'll want to ensure you identify and train your bar staff on best practices. 

        What Is Brew Glitter Made Of

        All of our Brew Glitter® and Brew Dust® products contain various mica powder pigments and go through a specific manufacturing process allowing the mineral to be edible & consumable while meeting FDA codes & regulations. Common ingredients in our edible glitters or dusts include Dextrose, Color Additives including food grade Mica Based-Pearlescent, FD&C Colors & Cornstarch. To see the specific ingredients for any specific color, please click here.

        Easy To Use Calculator

        Calculate how much Brew Glitter® you will need by plugging in a few pieces of information and waaa-la!

          Bulk Purchase, Private Label, Distribution & Retail Programs

          Buying wholesale and in bulk from Brew Glitter® is a no-brainer. Our Buying wholesale and in bulk from Brew Glitter® is a no-brainer. Our aim has always been to provide our valued clientele with the opportunity to become partners in our success. This is why we offer various retail programs and distribution initiatives that include private label options, and more.

          Stocking up is always cheaper wholesale, and our supplier and manufacturer prices have been tailored to generate incredible savings when you buy in bulk. Take a look at the various offers we have lined up below to see which suits your requirements best. We look forward to paving the way for sweet business opportunities that yield exceptional ROI!

          • Buy Wholesale by the Case:  Now you can buy Brew Glitter® products wholesale by the case! Wholesale prices for our Brew Glitter® products are only offered by the case and pricing is indicated in the listings. To get started and order, Click here
          • Buy In "Bulk" Size Containers: Buy Brew Glitter edible glitter products in 50g, 1lb and 1kg sizes! Great for breweries, wineries, distilleries, vineyards, bars, restaurants, wedding planners/ agencies & entertainment venues who plan to buy in Brew Glitter in bulk to use in their products - click here for pricing
          • Turn-Key Retail & Reseller: Sell Brew Glitter® products in your store today! Perfect for small or large big-box retail locations, party stores, liquor stores, franchise retailers, gift shops, coffee shops, tasting rooms, & more! To get started, click here
          • Private Label/ Custom Label Programs - Brew Glitter® makes it easy to resell our products using your own custom and branded label by providing re-sellers, retailers and distributors a simple, turn-key private label & custom label program! Click here to learn more!
          • Become a Brew Glitter® Distributor - Brew Glitter® is committed to growing the brand as efficiently and as quickly as possible by enabling US & International distributors across the globe! Join the Brew Glitter® distribution network! Click here to learn more!

          More Questions, Contact Us

          If you are ready to become a distributor or re-seller of Brew Glitter® products, want to start using our private label program, or simply have a few questions, don't hesitate to email us at or call us at +1 (877) 316-5913 and ask to speak to the sales department for more information. We can't wait to hear from you!