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Ingredients in Brew Glitter

What Ingredients Are In Brew Glitter®

All of our Brew Glitter® and Brew Dust® products contain various mica powder pigments and go through a specific manufacturing process allowing the mineral to be edible & consumable while meeting FDA codes & regulations. Common ingredients in our edible glitters or dusts include Dextrose, Color Additives including food grade Mica Based-Pearlescent, FD&C Colors & Cornstarch. To see the specific ingredients for any specific color, please click here.

The FDA has approved all of the ingredients being used in our edible glitters & edible dusts based on the FDA approved ingredients & usage levels. To learn more about the FDA approved usage levels and the approved ingredients list from the FDA click on the links below:

  • FDA Approved Ingredients List - Click Here 
  • FDA Approved Usage Levels, Article 73.350 - Click Here
  • Ingredient specs & tech sheets for each Brew Glitter® color - Click here

Why Choose Brew Glitter® For Your Beverages

First, we know the edible glitter & edible dust market like the back of our hands! As a result, the Brew Glitter® team is committed to producing the highest quality dusts & glitters on the market. Our attention to detail and quality control is second to none. Not only do we take pride in our products, but we take great pride in our brand! So why do customers love the Brew Glitter® line of products - here are a few reasons why our edible beverage dusts & glitters are the best on the market:

  • Brew Glitter® is FDA compliant & is 100% edible/ consumable
  • Brew Glitter® is Vegan, Nut Free, Dairy Free & Gluten Free
  • Brew Glitter® is mineral based, not sugar based, so it does not dissolve
  • Brew Glitter® is tasteless & texture-less
  • Brew Glitter® comes in dozens of colors
  • Brew Glitter® sells the highest quality edible glitters on the market
  • Brew Glitter® dusts & glitters are made in the USA

Don't take our word for it, check out some of the amazing pictures and photos our customers have taken using our Brew Glitter® beverage products - click here!

Brew Glitter® is the #1 selling edible glitter for beers, wines, cocktails, tea', coffees and other beverages! Start Shopping and start dazzling your friends, family, staff, colleagues & customers!