Brew Beautiful Baskets during our Easter Sale!

Brew Glitter Easter Sales on Seasonal Drink Decor

 Find Brew Glitter's Easter Sales for Below-$5 & Below-$10 Collections to fit your budget. Get 25% OFF Easter-themed edible glitter for drinks & glass rimmer salts and other beverage garnishes. And find 20% OFF on Easter decorating kits for the perfect pastel palette for drinks.

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Glow up Easter Cocktails with Brew Glitter in any Cup

Make your Easter cocktail ideas come to life! The Brew Glitter ® Easter Sale is on where you can find Easter decorating kits for drinks up to 20% OFF and our entire Easter Collection 25% off. Discover your favorite cocktail garnish by adding our glitter to your drink decoration, the possibilities are endless!

Not sure what to get? Let Brew Glitter ® inspire you with the Easter Collection to give you the perfect decoration for your event. Discover your favorite kitchen tool with our glitter sprays or find the perfect basket stuffers for Easter Sunday!

Easter 2023 Sale Collections

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