New Year's Combo Packs

If you've ever hosted a New Year's Eve party, you'll know that this is one of those rare opportunities to go completely over the top and show off like it's 1999. After all, it's the one night of the year when everyone feels like celebrating and nothing says dazzle and glamor like festive New Year's Eve cocktails and shots that shimmer and shine with Brew Glitter.

Our edible glitter for drinks turns everything from non-alcoholic drinks like lemonade and virgin mojitos to classic cocktails like martinis, gin fizzes, and mimosas into shiny, shimmery delights. All you need to do is pick your favorite collection below and let loose your creativity in the kitchen - it's so simple to use you can add this 100% FDA-approved, kosher, Halal-friendly glitter to any drink you dream up! So go big and treat your guests to the beverage line-up of a lifetime this NYE.