EU Compliant Wholesale

Brew Glitter, Brew Dust, Tinker Dust

Turn up with big discounts on our NEW! EU line of colors! Brew Glitter's EU compliant colors are free of the food coloring additive E171, which have now been banned for use by food businesses in all the European Union. Currently our line of products included with this new compliancy are Brew Glitter, Brew Dust and Tinker Dust (edible garnish glitter). Make sure to stay compliant with our beautiful array of popular colors. 

Is E171 banned in Europe? Simple answer is yes, France began by banning the food coloring additive in 2020 and 2 years later, the Food Safety Administration followed suit. 

What foods can the additive Titanium Dioxide be found in? Typically, E171 can be found in baked treats, cake frosting, soups, sandwich sauces and even toothpaste!

What does it mean for a product to be in compliance with EU? EU Compliant simply means that there is no added Tio2 in any of the product's ingredients. This was a law passed in 2022 for all the European Union.