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Brew Glitter Products Reviewed by Next Level Bartending Master Mixologist!-Brew Glitter®

Brew Glitter Products Reviewed by Next Level Bartending Master Mixologist!

Brew Glitter® edible beverage, beer & cocktail glitters get glowing reviews from Master Mixologist "Next Level Bartending" YouTube Channel host, Vlad SlickBartender! Check out this amazing review featured on Vlad's YouTube Channel!

Brew Glitter® dusts & glitters are the perfect compliment for beer, cocktails, spirits, wine, whiskey, champagne, coffee, tea, soda, water, kids drinks or latte's to add some sparkly, swirly pizzazz that will add an amazing WOW factor for your guests & customers!

Brew Glitter® dusts & glitters are made with 100% FDA & EU approved ingredients, are vegan, nut free, dairy free, sugar free, tasteless and won't dissolve!

Brew Glitter® is the #1 edible beverage glitter brand!

In this video, YouTube Channel host, Vlad SlickBartender introduces his very discerning audience to the wonderful world of Brew Glitter. It seems that prior to making this vid, he shared some pictures and footage of shimmery, glitter-infused cocktails on his Instagram account, which caused a bit of an stir because many people were not aware that there are FDA-approved products like Brew Glitter that are safe to consume. Fortunately, Vlad was only too happy to show them what is possible when you get creative behind the bar counter with 100% tasteless food-grade edible glitter. 

He starts off by recommending that the bar tenders and home mixologists watching use a clear glass instead of opaque containers such as Mexican Mule cups that won’t show off the glittery contents as well. It's all about presentation after all! He then makes a negroni and a margarita, adding red and gold Brew Glitter, respectively. He makes a point of showing that just a tiny amount of the glitter can create a great visual spectacle and  also advises that clear liquids offer a great blank canvas for Brew Glitter that really shows off the glitter to the best of its ability. Watch the video to learn more!

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