Wedding Cocktail Ideas Using Teal Brew Glitter Pump

We have put together the cutest and glittery cocktail drinks for your wedding cocktail bar! We know how stressful it is to plan a wedding and making sure every detail is how you entail.. So, we have gone through the trouble to curate the tastiest cocktails for your special day. We used a Teal Cocktail Glitter pump to create the sparkle that you are living for!

Brew Glitter Pumps make it easy to add your edible glitter to your cocktails! When it is mixed in liquids is a beautiful shimmery swirl that gives the liquid a classy pop. Each unique color option is designed to specifically enhance drinks color variations while still shimmering when swirled. Best of all, this edible glitter is tasteless, vegan, and comes in a dozen colors. 

This blue cocktail is made of 4 ingredients and will leave your guests speechless! Here are some quick and cute cocktail names: Blue Lagoon Cocktail or Blue Hawaiian Cocktail.Wedding cocktail recipe :

This is a fun, sweet update to a blue curacao cocktail. Please make sure to decorate according to your theme! For this cocktail, we decorated our bar with a few eucalyptus leaves. 

Don't forget to tag us on your pictures if you recreate this drink! You can find more cool recipe ideas on our Facebook or Instagram page! You can also visit our blog for more recipes using edible cocktail glitter!

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