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The "Black Galaxy" Shimmering Cocktail-Brew Glitter®

The "Black Galaxy" Shimmering Cocktail

The name speaks for itself! The Black Shimmering Cocktail lies somewhere between a lime daiquiri and a lime martini, but looks so much cooler!


  • 2.5 ounces Black Vodka
  • 3/4 ounce Freshly Squeezed Lime Juice 2/3 - 1 Small Lime
  • 1/2 ounce Simple Syrup
  • Ice
  • Clear Shimmer Brew Glitter®
  • Blue Brew Glitter®
  • Serving Size: 1

Into a cocktail shaker add in your simple syrup, lime juice, and black vodka. Fill with ice until the liquid line. Give it a hard shake for about 30 seconds. Add a couple of pinches of Clear Shimmer Brew Glitter dust to the bottom of a martini or coupe glass. Pour cocktail into your glass and then add a pinch Blue Brew Glitter® to the top of the drink serve. Add more Clear Shimmer glitter if it's not shimmery enough and stir it with a bar spoon to combine with the Blue glitter!

Editors Note:
Black vodka can sometimes be hard to come by, but it looks awesome if you can find it!

The interesting thing about black vodka is that it is not 100% truly pitch black. The spirit, which is obviously very popular around Halloween, is made just like any other clear brand of vodka on the market, but then enhanced with a very dark violet extract from the bark of the acacia tree, also known as 'catechu'. This extract is very commonly use throughout South Asia, where the locals use it to freshen their breath, and also as a homeopathic treatment for conditions such as indigestion, arthritis, and even skin concerns. 

The great thing about black vodka that is color-enhanced in this way is that it tastes just like conventional, clear vodka. As such, it can be used in any cocktail that calls for a vodka base without altering the flavor profile thereof. Here we’ve added it to a drink that straddles the delightful divide between a daiquiri and a martini, but you can also do the same thing a Bloody Mary, Moscow Mule, Cosmo, or even a Lemon Drop or Sea Breeze! With black vodka and a touch of Brew Glitter in the mix, you can always rename these classics to something a little more mysterious or spooky, like Black Widow Mary, or Dark Horizon. The sky’s the limit when you get a little creative…

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