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  • Blackberry Bourbon Christmas Cocktails-Brew Glitter®

    Blackberry Bourbon Christmas Cocktails

    Christmas is all about having fun and creating memorable occasions, so why not try making a few Christmas cocktails? The Blackberry Bourbon Cocktail is one of the most popular rum-based drinks for Christmas Day. If you have not tried this particular drink yet, you are definitely missing out on something special. This drink is something that can make the entire evening seem like magic. It is a perfect mix of rich flavors, spices, rum and red wine with a touch of creamy chocolate.
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  • The Ultimate Glittery Hot Chocolate -Brew Glitter®

    The Ultimate Glittery Hot Chocolate 

    Would you like to know the highlight of the Holidays? Hot chocolate! Hot chocolate is a classic during the holidays, and it’s a good excuse to get family and friends together. Throw on some tunes, invite everyone while they're in their pajamas, and swirl in some homemade cocoa mix into your holiday mug. Don’t forget the toppings!
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  • Apple Cider Cocktail Shimmer Recipe-Brew Glitter®

    Apple Cider Cocktail Shimmer Recipe

    May we present the amazing Apple Cider Cocktail Shimmer. It is ALL about the edible glitter, warm rum and sweet flavor. It's a drink you'd want around a warm fire, under a blanket, or just because. Now, be warned: the glitter needs to be SERIOUSLY mixed up in order to have the crazy swirly, dazedly glittery effect. 
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  • Cranberry Apple Cocktail-Brew Glitter®

    Cranberry Apple Cocktail

    Celebrate the holidays with our favorite Cranberry Apple Cocktail, also known as a Christmas Sangria! This glittery cocktail is a party starter as many people get excited to try it! Packed with cranberry and apple flavors and a dash of edible glitter to create the most amazing holiday cocktail! This cocktail is the perfect Christmas cocktail or Thanksgiving drink! Which Brew Glitter Cocktail Glitter should I use for this cocktail?
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  • Pear Cocktail using Light Purple Brew Glitter-Brew Glitter®

    Pear Cocktail using Light Purple Brew Glitter

    Try using fresh pears and a simple combination of sweet pear vodka in this Pear recipe to kick off your next cocktail hour! We added a dash of Light Purple Brew Glitter to get the perfect dazzle to this tasty cocktail! Sometimes you need a break. A chance to sit back with a martini glass in hand to let your stress melt away and remember that your life needs those moments too.
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  • Brew Glitter Four Ways: Try these cocktails perfect for Halloween!-Brew Glitter®

    Brew Glitter Four Ways: Try these cocktails perfect for Halloween!

    Read our latest blog to learn how to make the spookiest cocktails for this upcoming Halloween.  Brew Glitter is the perfect way to dress up the brews you have boiling in your cauldron. Just right for kids’ parties and ghoulish grown-up soirees, tossing a festive Brew Glitter color into your favorite party drink is frightfully delightful! 
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