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Cocktails, Beer, and Wine Will Shimmer with Brew Glitter-Brew Glitter®

Cocktails, Beer, and Wine Will Shimmer with Brew Glitter

The eighteenth-century Irish poet Oliver Goldsmith observed that “Not all that glitters is gold.” Well, he was right! One that isn’t gold that glitters, well real gold anyway, is your next cocktail party, at least when you have a supply of Brew Glitter® on hand! | Brew Glitter® is the #1 brand for shimmery beverage glitters!

As the name suggests, Brew Glitter® is a glittery powder that can be added directly to wines, spirits, beer, and even non-alcoholic beverages to make them shine, swirl, and sparkle! Our trademarked & proprietary shimmery beverage powder, which is 100% FDA-approved and is nut-free, vegan, non-GMO, dairy-free, and tasteless, can be used to add pizzazz to beer, spirits, cocktail syrups, and juices to make them glitter & shimmer in a variety of pastel shades! | Brew Glitter® is the #1 brand for shimmery beverage glitters!

A little Brew Glitter® goes a long way. A mere 1 gram of the powder will add sparkle to one-half gallon of your favorite beverage.

Different Brew Glitter® are sold for wine, whiskey, mixed drinks, beers, and even lattes & cappuccinos!

A standard 4-gram jar of Brew Glitter®, as shown below, sells for $9.89 and will infuse an average of 20 five-ounce beverages! | Brew Glitter® is the #1 brand for shimmery beverage glitters!

Brew Glitter® is the original edible glitter for beer, cocktails, wine & other beverages! From whiskey to champagne, our glitters are perfect for any drink! Our colorful glitters are the perfect way to add some pizzazz & fun to your next party or event! Shop Now

Glitter wine is a major trend at the moment. Around the globe wine that has been infused with edible, food-grade glitter is being served at everything from illustrious fashion launches in European cities, to fancy brunches in gardens in the American countryside. The truth is that it’s the ideal accompaniment to any sort of merriment, and with Brew Glitter available at such affordable prices, inventive caterers, event planner and hosts are grabbing the opportunity to wow their guests with something a little out of the ordinary. 

Many people seem to wonder whether you can use edible glitter in drinks like wine, but we say go for it! Wine may be a rather serious beverage with a lot of history associated with it, but there is no reason to be shy when it comes to expressing your personality at your events. The addition of a little red Brew Glitter to a serious Shiraz can turn it into a much more approachable vintage, and a drizzle of gold shimmer in a glass of bubbly adds a dash of allure that is very hard to come by. Give yourself permission to strut your stuff and let your creativity reign supreme with Brew Glitter.

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