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Five quick tips for a low stress, last minute gathering!-Brew Glitter®

Five quick tips for a low stress, last minute gathering!

Quick tips for a low stress, last minute gathering |

Pinterest has really ruined the art of hosting, hasn’t it? While it’s chalk-full of beautiful inspiration and ideas for your next party, it can also overwhelm your partly planning to-list or make you feel like your decorating skills are not up to snuff. Gone are the days of crepe paper streamers and store-bought cakes; there’s now an unspoken expectation that decorations should take weeks to prepare and that your cake should be homemade with organic, all-natural ingredients. It’s enough to make you want to throw in the towel and not have that gathering at all.

The Brew Glitter team knows that celebrations are important, and not because of the aesthetics or the ingredient list. No way! It’s about gathering together with the people around you and making time for each other. So, go ahead! Invite your coworkers over for a drink at the last minute on Friday or make plans for Sunday brunch on Saturday. It can be done, and dare we say, it will be better than any of those Pinterest parties anyway. 

Quick tips for a low stress, last minute gathering |


We’ve collected a few quick tips to give you the confidence for planning your gathering, whether it’s last minute or not!

You don’t need to deep clean your house beforehand. That’s right, we said it! You don’t need to clean your house before having people over. Sure, put away the overall clutter, and make sure your bathroom is acceptable, but don’t work too hard on vacuuming, mopping, or dusting. Chances are your guests won’t notice the state of the floors or the crumbs on your counter, and all those surfaces will be much, much dirtier after your last guest leaves. Save the deep clean for the day after your party. 

Food doesn’t have to be fussy. Grocery store party trays are not a cop out, they’re your best friend! Pop them out of their plastic packaging and put them in your own serving dishes to make them more special. Whip up grilled cheese sandwiches and serve wedges piled high on a cake plate. Bake a frozen pizza and cut into bite size pieces. Order a dozen burgers from Uber Eats and pop a birthday candle in each one. You don’t have your take your party fare so seriously. Have fun with it and remember your guests are there to see you; the party food is just a bonus. 

Suggest a fun dress code. Instead of worrying about décor, consider asking your guests to dress in a theme; this will get the ball rolling on fun party conversation! Dinner parties and get togethers at home used to be a great excuse for donning fancy duds, and while we live in a more casual era, it’s always fun to dress up. Sending a quick text stating that dress up clothes are encouraged (not required) is all you need to do. Think cocktail attire is too much to ask? Consider asking your guests to dress in mismatched clothing, or all black, or in bright colors. Think about easy themes that all of your guests can pull off with the clothes already in their closets. 

Ask for playlist requests. While you’re sending that group text telling your guests what to wear, ask them for five all-time favorite songs, and build an eclectic playlist on Spotify! Discuss the songs you love to love, and better yet, your friend’s favorite song you love to hate. You could also request favorites from a specific genre, or build separate, smaller playlists for each guest, to rotate as the mood shifts.

Throw Some Brew Glitter in it! Like party food, the drinks don’t have to be fussy either. Pull whatever you’ve got in your fridge and make it work. Put it in a nice glass and toss in a teaspoon of Brew Glitter. Brew Glitter comes in a variety of colors and is shelf-stable, so you can easily keep it on hand for whenever the mood strikes. A half-opened bottle of wine and a can of orange juice concentrate in the freezer? Mix it together with some Orange Brew Glitter and call it a mimosa. A few cans of LaCroix and an old bottle of vodka? Sounds like vodka spritzer made better with silvery sparkles! The key here is not worrying too much about what’s in the drink, it’s about making the drink memorable. And what’s more memorable than Brew Glitter in your glass?

Quick tips for a low stress, last minute gathering |

In the end, it’d not the decorations, party favors, or food that make a party special, it’s about digging in deep with the people who matter most. Make the time to host, and don’t stress! Instead, devise a very simple action plan that requires less time for prep and more time for everyone (including you!) to enjoy each other’s company. 

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