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Pretty Up Your Drinks with Purple Glitter from Brew Glitter

We have a hard time keeping our purple glitter on our shelves over here at Brew Glitter, and we get why - purple as a color is having a bit of a moment. As such, it only makes sense that drinks enthusiasts and hospitality establishments alike are leaning into drinks in hues of plum, violet, lavender, lilac, mauve, and sparkling amethyst.

Infusing purple liquor with glitter or adding purple edible glitter to fashionable drinks like a refreshing Water Lily, delicious Stormy Morning, quirky Violet Fizz, or mesmerizing Blue Angel is a great way to add a hint of excitement to just about any occasion. In fact, a purple drink with glitter makes a memorable statement your friends and/or clientele are highly unlikely to forget. So take a look at our collection of sparkling purple glitters below, and stock up on your favorites! 


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Pear Cocktail using Light Purple Brew Glitter-Brew Glitter®

Pear Cocktail using Light Purple Brew Glitter

Try using fresh pears and a simple combination of sweet pear vodka in this Pear recipe to kick off your next cocktail hour! We added a dash of Light Purple Brew Glitter to get the perfect dazzle to this tasty cocktail! Sometimes you need a break. A chance to sit back with a martini glass in hand to let your stress melt away and remember that your life needs those moments too.

Lavender Gin Cocktail using Light Purple Brew Glitter-Brew Glitter®

Lavender Gin Cocktail using Light Purple Brew Glitter

Valentines Day is coming up and we've got a recipe for you that will help you create and unforgettable night! We can't wait to show you the cocktails we have made up for you all! We created a Lavender Gin Cocktail using our Light Purple Brew Glitter and using our Heart Paper Straws!

Brunch Frothy Granny Smith Vodkatini Using Purple Brew Glitter-Brew Glitter®

Brunch Frothy Granny Smith Vodkatini Using Purple Brew Glitter

Looking for the perfect cocktail for your Easter brunch? We would recommend trying a Granny Smith Vodka Cocktail using Purple Brew Glitter for a little bit of extra shimmer and shine! This Easter cocktail is absolutely perfect for springtime because Granny Smith apples are in season around this time of year and this is when this popular fruit is at its sweetest and most fragrant.  


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