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Get Perky and Playful with Pink Drinks & Edible Glitter for Drinks​ ​

If you like pink drinks, you are in good company for sure! Pink cocktails and drinks in hues of blush, coral, fuchsia, rose or salmon are firm favorites of celebrities, fashionistas, and everyday beverage enthusiasts alike. After all - what's not to like?! A perky, playful drink with some pink liquor and Brew Glitter in the mix can turn even the most dismal day frown-side up!

From sophisticated Cosmopolitans to festive Palomas, Blushing Kiss Martinis, Love Potion Cocktails, and Cherry Blossoms, there are so many lovely cocktails that you can dress up with edible pink glitter to create gorgeous pink swirl drinks. If this sounds right up your alley, or like something your clientele may enjoy, take a look at our pink beverage glitter options below, stock up on your favorites, and get ready to be tickled pink with the results! 


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Beer Berry Punch-Brew Glitter®

Beer Berry Punch

Whether you are celebrating at the beach, barbecuing at a park, or having a backyard get together, we are bringing you a summertime beat-the-heat ice-cold refreshing beverage. All you need is the following simple ingredients and you are on your way to arctic bliss.

The Classic Shandy-Brew Glitter®

The Classic Shandy

When the summer temperatures rise and you need a simple, easy to make refreshing beverage look no further than the shandy. When I first heard the name shandy it sounded like a dance from the 50's. After a quick internet search I discovered there is a groovy band from Australia with the name. Anyhow, a shandy is simply a category of drink that pairs a lemon flavored drink with beer. There are several shandy variations but our version today is the timeless classic mix of lemonade, beer, and tequila. Corona beer is a favorite but any pale lager, pilsner, or wheat beer will pair nicely. 

Strawberry Jalapeño Cocktails using Pink Brew Glitter-Brew Glitter®

Strawberry Jalapeño Cocktails using Pink Brew Glitter

The combination of spicy jalapeños and sweet strawberries is perfect for your next gathering. For this cocktail, we added a dash of Pink Brew Glitter to create a sparkly effect. Brew Glitter is the perfect compliment for cocktails. Simply pinch a small amount of Brew Glitter into your beverage and watch your drink shimmer, swirl & sparkle! We also used our favorite Chevron Printed Straws to serve our tasty cocktails. 


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