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Halloween Cocktails with Edible Glitter

This Halloween, we're bringing you a BOO glitter flash sale that will go from August to October. During this period, we'll offer you the best deals on our drink glitters in order to create the tricks and treats of your dreams. Make sure you get your hands on our edible drink glitters in order to create the best Halloween cocktail recipes both alcoholic and non-alcoholic this spooky season!

The best Spooky cocktails are created with Brew Glitter, an easy-to-use and 100% edible glitter that adds sparkle to any drink. Add it to your cocktails using dry ice, vodka, gin, or even juice. Make sure you stay on top of our Flash Calendar and check it often, sales change almost daily!

Halloween Drinks sale on halloween party favors

Brew Glitter® Edible Drink Glitters can help you throw a party that matches any theme or décor. Whether you want to go spooky and scary with spiders, blood and skeletons, or cute with pumpkins and owls, Brew Glitter® has something for your drinks and food.

If your budget is tight this Halloween, don't worry! Brew Glitter has created special combo packs that will fit every wallet and party theme. Check out our amazing Halloween combo packs and get ready for your event below!

Easy Halloween Cocktails

Halloween Cocktails Iridescent Edible Glitter Drink Glitter Combo Pack | Brew Glitter®Halloween Cocktails Edible Glitter Drink Glitter Combo Pack | Brew Glitter®Halloween CocktailsEdible Glitter Drink Glitter 8 piece Combo Pack | Brew Glitter®

 Our glittery drink combo packs make it easy to add a spooky finish to your Halloween cocktails. These easy Halloween cocktails just require a few steps: shake a little Brew Glitter at the bottom of your clean dry glass, pour your beverage of choice on top, and watch as it transforms into a magical shade. Each package contains a perfect blend of colors to satisfy your spooky needs. Brew Glitter is the hassle free way to add creepy color to your party punch or spooky refreshments. Prepare these glittery creepy cocktails for a crowd or just at home, the possibilities are endless!


Halloween Cocktails Color Changing Edible Glitter Drink Glitter 3 piece Combo Pack | Brew Glitter®

Our Halloween Spooktacular Brew Glitter Combo Pack brings you all the tricks and treats that Halloween can give you. Watch our color-changing white drink glitter turn colors right before your eyes. This is the perfect kid-friendly Halloween party idea and brings a little magic to any table—and smiles as well. The pack comes with three separate containers of spooky purple, orange and green drink glitters. Just add water or any beverage and watch the magic begin!

Halloween Cocktails Salt Rim Edible Glitter | Brew Glitter®

For a salted rim on your margarita, beer, or any other drink, look no further than this shimmering combo pack! It comes with shimmering blood red salt and deep black salt to keep your drinks creepy. Whether you're hosting a party and want to add a festive touch to your drinks or are just looking for fun new ways to liven up your cocktail hour, these salts will make every sip sparkle.


Halloween Cocktails Sugar rimmer Edible Glitter | Brew Glitter®

Sugar rimmers have become a popular way to add a sweet touch to cocktails. Here at Brew Glitter®, we stay on trend, so we're bringing you this three-piece set of spooky colorspurple, green, and black—for your Halloween party. Use our sugar rim kit on margaritas or just set it out as self-serve on your bar. Your guests will come back time and time again for more!

 Halloween Cocktails Sweet Sour Flavored Edible Glitter | Brew Glitter®

We love to give you glitter options for Halloween party food, so we've created a sour edible glitter combo pack that will get your taste buds jumping. Use our sour green apple and sour orange edible glitters on festive ideas including garnishes, sweets or even on the rim of your glass to give your party favors a puckering kick! These can be used for adult Halloween party ideas but kids as well. The glitters are in the colors of green and orange to keep that pumpkin spirit alive.

Halloween Party Ideas

On our blog, you will find tons of party ideas for adults and kids that will help keep your guests partying throughout the witching hour. Try dry ice, color-changing glitter, or even create a mad scientist drink with us below.

 Halloween Cocktails Edible Glitter DIY | Brew Glitter®