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Brew Glitter Blue

Blue alcohol drinks and cocktails just have a certain aura of awesome about them, don't you think? Pretty much everything mixes well with blue, and blue liquor drinks like the well-known Blue Lagoon are popular the world over, especially in places like tropical holiday resorts where it's all about
kicking back and having a good time.

It's no wonder our blue glitter products are so popular as well! If you want to dress your blue alcoholic drinks (and blue non-alcoholic drinks!) to the nines, edible blue glitter is a great way to go. It just adds a little hint of shimmer and fun that puts your beverage into a completely different category. In the end, it's just that little something extra that shows your clientele (or family and friends) that you're
serious about your garnish game)

A blue glitter cocktail, or shimmery blue cappuccino for that matter, draws the eye in a wonderfully tantalizing way that makes people want more. Take a look at the collection of all our edible blue glitter products below to find your favorites. There is a great variety to choose from, so we're willing to bet you'll find a blue shimmer product that ticks all of your must-have boxes right here. 


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Glittery Blue Margarita using Sky Blue Cocktail Glitter

A classic drink, the electric blue margarita made with blue curacao is sure to hit the spot. Served on the rocks, it's so easy to make. We love adding Blue Curacao to our cocktail because it adds a bit of an orange flavor to the drink, which, if you are an orange lover and margarita fan then this is the perfect margarita to recreate!! This Blue Margarita is an easy drink to make, and a fun way to switch up your typical margarita recipe.


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