National Wine Day

Want to Get Your Glitter Wine On? Check out our National Wine Day Collections!

As far as wine vacations go, International Wine Day on the 25th of May is as good an excuse as any to dress up your favorite vintage in a shiny new look! Brew Glitter is the perfect addition to any vino-inspired line-up because it allows you to make shimmer wine without influencing the taste or bouquet of your chosen wine at all...

Take a look at our tailormade Wine Day combo packs below, pop your favorites in your cart, and get ready to dazzle your clientele, family, and friends with edible glitter wine when the holiday rolls around. There are so many fantastic wine glitter colors to choose from - get a few, try them all and see which hue is YOU! These special collections have been tailored with variety in mind, so you can rest assured that you're getting more for less with Brew Glitter.