St Patrick's Day Bulk Deals

Buying in Bulk

Are you a cake shop, bakery, brewery, winery, coffee shop, tea company or manage a bar or restaurant in the food & beverage industry and are looking to buy our dusts & glitters in larger quantities?

Maybe you have a large wedding, a corporate event, birthday party or company celebration and need more than just the industry standard 4g or 5g jars of edible glitter? And because you are planning on making a large dust or a glitter order purchase you want better pricing than the standard online price for the 4g or 5g jars we sell. has you covered. We've made buying in bulk easy, simple and fast! We are one of the largest suppliers of edible FDA compliant glitters & dusts in the USA.

So what does that mean for you?

It means we have what you need, when you need it, will ship your order faster - no lead times, AND, when you buy in bulk you get the best price breaks anywhere on the market.

Go ahead, look around, you will quickly find that no FDA compliant edible glitter bulk seller or whole-seller comes even close.