EU Compliant Private Label

Brew Glitter, Brew Dust, Tinker Dust (Garnish Glitter)

Brew Glitter has masterminded a brilliant process for you to get your brand on our fully EU compliant products! Brew Glitter's private labeling program works directly with you to perfect your label and ships out fully labeled and compliant products directly to you! You simply just cannot go wrong! 

With the new laws passed for the EU nations, E171 is now not deemed edible or food grade for food products. We followed through with this trend and decided to now offer Brew Glitter, Brew Dust and Tinker Dust select colors to agree with compliancy.

What color is E171? Tio2 is a natural white to bluish coloring agent for foods and beverages.

What is titanium dioxide used for? Titanium Dioxide is odorless and absorbent, mostly used aesthetically to products giving them hardness and brightness. 

Is Titanium Dioxide safe for food? It really depends on the country and governing party. Most countries deem the natural additive as food safe, but some such as the European Union do not.

Make sure to stand out from the competition by adding the number of units you plan to have custom labeled and then submit via listing label details and a sales representative will reach out to help process your order expeditiously! Edible glitter is here to take the world over by storm!