EU Compliant Bulk Sizes

Brew Glitter, Brew Dust, Tinker Dust Garnish Glitter

Brew Glitter has newly released an opportunity to purchase our sought-after EU compliant edible dusts and glitters in bigger bulk sizes. Have a party or wedding you need extra glitter for? Purchase our 1lb or 1kg sizes to make sure you have plenty of smile-giving glitter to go around!

In mid-late 2022, there was a law passed for EU nations that permanently bans all businesses dealing with food to not use the compound E171 moving forward. This is what prompted our development in the Tio2-free colors to keep the events and parties going! Worry no more about compliancy when purchasing directly from Brew Glitter.

Is Titanium Dioxide banned in Europe? Yes, moving forward the food additive will not be legally allowed to be present in any food ingredients or business serving/making food.

What type of foods may contain Tio2? E171 is present as food coloring in products such as gum, candy, baked goods, chocolate and cake dessert toppings.

What color is E171? This food coloring additive is a bright white that adds opacity and aesthetic consistency to the color of food.

Now it's time for the fun part! Add which size or sizes that you may need along with which colors (or all of them!). Once you are set, simply checkout and await your EU compliant drink or food glitter that is completely edible and compliant!