Edible Gender Reveal Beverage Glitter Private Label

Good news clever entrepreneurs! Brew Glitter® is very happy to provide you with the opportunity to place your own brand on our FDA-approved, food-grade, 100% edible Edible Gender Reveal Beverage Glitter via our private label program. If you want to read the FAQ, learn more about how to use the product and more, click here!

We offer great deals on Edible Gender Reveal Beverage Glitter orders that are placed in wholesale quantities for either color of our glitters in 4g, 25g Pump & 45g Shaker container sizes. All you need to do is click on the color you want, and follow the simple, intuitive e-commerce prompts until you receive your order number. Once you have that, you email it to us at sales@brewglitter.com along with the information and logo you want on the label, and we'll get it ready for shipment ASAP.