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Bulk Cocktail Stirring Straws

Buy Wholesale Discount Straws from Brew Glitter and SAVE!

Due to popular demand, we are now making our awesome paper straws available in larger quantities so you can stock up on bulk cocktail straws for use at your hospitality establishment (or at home). Now available in 500 CT, 2000 CT, and 5000 CT quantities, these cocktail sip- and stirring straws are made of high-quality paper that is much better for the environment than the plastic alternative.

We've also gone out of our way to develop a range of cocktail drink straws with attractive prints to suit just about any theme or occasion. So, when you buy drinking straws in bulk from Brew Glitter, you are free to choose the design that suits your needs the best. In short, there is no more need to shop around for the best prices on drinking straws and other decorative necessities. Simply get your cocktail straws, stirrers, and picks from Brew Glitter, safe in the knowledge that you are getting the best deals every time.

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