$5 Black Friday All 4g/5g Dusts and Glitters

Brew Glitter® dusts & glitters are the perfect compliment for beer, cocktails, spirits, wine, whiskey, champagne, coffee, tea, soda, water, kids drinks, or latte's to add some sparkly, swirly pizzazz that will add an amazing WOW factor for your guests & customers! Our high-quality food-grade Brew Glitter® dusts & glitters are made with 100% FDA approved ingredients, are vegan, nut-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, are tasteless, and won't dissolve! All of our glitters are made right here in the USA!

It's Black Friday extended! This means now you can buy decorating dust at Bakell at the best prices in the business. When you order our luster, petal, highlighter, metallic, and disco dusts online, you can rest assured that you are getting all that glitters at amazing wholesale rates. Shop all decorating dusts now and get ready to up your baking game today! All sales while supplies last for Black Friday!

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Black Friday $5 All 4g/5g Dusts and Glitters! Click Here

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