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Brew Glitter partners with Torani to celebrate its '2024 Flavor of the Year'-Brew Glitter®

Brew Glitter partners with Torani to celebrate its '2024 Flavor of the Year'

Brew Glitter partnered with Torani, the pioneers in syrup flavor since 1925, to celebrate the launch of its 2024 Flavor of the Year: Puremade Galaxy.

The collaboration turned into a novel way for people to infuse Brew Glitter's Clear Shimmer beverage glitter with Torani's delicious new flavor — all conveniently packaged with the bottle.

The specially-marked Brew Glitter hang tags featured on the Torani bottles carry a pocket inside with a 4 gram packet of Clear Shimmer inside. With four grams of edible glitter, it's perfect for a 750 milliliter bottle of Torani's syrup.

 torani galaxy syrup bottles with glitter packs

Torani Launches First 'Experimental' Flavor in its History

Puremade Galaxy represents Torani's first "fantasy flavor," a recipe that isn't inspired on a certain food or flavor — but an idea. As such, Brew Glitter is thrilled to play its part in celebrating the company's milestone.

Torani's new flavor was inspired by a 2009 Cornell study that examined molecules in dust clouds near the Milky Way. With the concept in full force, Brew Glitter's edible shimmer was ideal for bringing the stars to a flavor that's truly out of this world.

On every hangtag comes two recipes; The Galaxy Cold Brew and the Stardust Refresher. Both are delicious and simple to make, and it gives people an easy way to start making enchanting drinks.

@toraniflavor Start Cyber Monday off right with this Star Dust Refresher, starring new Puremade Galaxy 🌌 🛍️ 🤤 Recipe 👇 - 1 oz Torani Puremade Galaxy Syrup - 6 oz sparkling water - 2 oz lemonade - Dash of Edible Glitter Fill a glass with ice. Add lemonade, Torani Puremade Galaxy, and a dash of edible glitter. Top off with sparkling water and stir. Garnish with a fresh lemon wheel and enjoy! #flavoroftheyear #2024flavoroftheyear #toraniflavoroftheyear #torani #toranisyrup #toranisyrups #refresherdrink ♬ original sound - Torani

Using Brew Glitter stick packs on Torani Bottles

Brew Glitter provided Torani with handy glitter packets featuring a tearaway top for easy pouring and less cleanup.

Simply open by peeling off the Brew Glitter packet's head, then pour as much of the pack into the bottle as preferred. With glitter swirling throughout Puremade Galaxy, close up the bottle and give it a thorough shake to make stars glimmer.

torani galaxy purple glitter drink

Pouring it into a drink mix will make the finished cocktail shimmer, along with any sodas or desserts.

America has fallen in love with Brew Glitter's seamless shimmer in drinks. Now, people seeking the iconic Torani brand in stores can find the best beverage glitter to go along with it.

Read the Press Release below, or click here for the full version.

Brew Glitter, the world's favorite edible glitter for drinks, is proud to adorn Torani's "first fantasy flavor," the 2024 Pourcast Flavor of the Year, 'Puremade Galaxy Syrup.' In a new partnership, consumers can find Torani Puremade Galaxy bottles with specially-marked hangtags carrying a free Brew Glitter 'Clear Shimmer' glitter packet, while supplies last.

Brew Glitter has launched dozens of edible glitter dusts & beverage garnish tools, providing wholesalers and businesses a way to reinvent products and dive into new markets. Since 1925, Torani has been the premier syrup flavor pioneers, expanding globally into cafes, restaurants and bars across the world.

In 2024, Torani is once again trailblazing tastes for its 150+ syrup portfolio with its debut "fantasy flavor," a blend of Red Raspberry with notes of sweet rum and an "unexpected mineral finish." Inspired by a Cornell study, Puremade Galaxy emulates a molecule found in dust cloud Sagittarius B2, located near the heart of the Milky Way, called 'ethyl formate' — an aroma compound earthlings associate with Raspberries or Rum.

Torani's message on Brew Glitter's hangtag reads: "As pioneers of flavor, we, at Torani, continuously foster our curiosity towards the diverse flavors around us. This mission drove us to venture into the very essence of space itself, where we explored and unraveled the flavors found within."

To celebrate Torani's out-of-this-world flavor, people will be able to illuminate Puremade Galaxy bottles with stars using the included Brew Glitter's Clear Shimmer glitter packet. Simply pour, stir, and watch drinks transform.

"Torani has released some of the most beloved flavors in coffee and drinks, like its Vanilla and Hazelnut," Director of Merchandise Heather Adams said. "Working together to celebrate Puremade Galaxy's launch, Torani's Flavor of the Year, is a wonderful blend of each brand's specialties.

"Uniting a shared commitment to innovation, quality and enhancing a drink's experience, Brew Glitter is excited to work with an iconic brand like Torani."

Brew Glitter has previously partnered with entertainment institutions like Disneyland, AMC Theaters, the Magic Castle, and more. International partners have trusted Brew Glitter to deliver wholesale quantities and custom label branded items to destinations throughout the globe.

As drink shimmer experts, Brew Glitter takes pride in being the leading solution for partners sourcing products compliant with U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) safe standards for ingredients, along with having Safe Quality Food (SQF) Level 3 Certified facilities with international food safety standards.

This has made Brew Glitter the leader in drink garnish innovations, using in-house copacking and manufacturing infrastructure to supply international partners to local businesses.

Brew Glitter helps edible art makers hone their crafts and larger companies deliver on introducing brand new experiences for their loyal consumers. Brew Glitter makes it easy for people to add the leading drink glitter to their own company’s branded catalog with a complete ecosystem of private label and custom label products, as well as a wholesale program for stocking trademarked Brew Glitter products.

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