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Glitter Black Lemonade using Brew Glitter Pumps-Brew Glitter®

Glitter Black Lemonade using Brew Glitter Pumps

The question of the year is, is Halloween not happening this year? Its been a tricky year because of the pandemic but that doesn't mean we cant make the best of it! Celebrate Halloween at home this year with your family! Order in some wigs and have a wig party, make some glittery black cocktails and order in some pizza and burgers! We came up with glittery black lemonade that will make your Halloween beverages out of this dimension!

Tip: I like to use a sweeter based lemonade and add a cup of tea to achieve the Black Tea Lemonade Starbucks drink. Also, don't worry about the color of the campaign because Brew Glitter Edible Glitter changes the color of your beverage.

Here's what you will need to make a black lemonade:

Black Brew Glitter Pump
Lorina's Lemonade
Campaign of your choice
Unique paper straws

This recipe is effortless to create as Brew Glitter does the job of dying your lemonade black and adding in the sparkle. It's a two step process, simply pump out 3 pumps of glitter into your glass, add your lemonade, and mix!

Don't forget to tag us on your pictures if you recreate this drink! You can find more cool recipe ideas on our Facebook or Instagram page! You can also visit our blog for more recipes using edible cocktail glitter!


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