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Garnish Glitter® - Different then their glittery brother counterpart, Brew Glitter® which is made specifically for beverages, our Garnish Glitter® is manufactured and made to do one thing incredibly well... make your food & desserts POP! Although this food grade glitter looks similar to our proprietary beverage glitter staple, Brew Glitter®, it couldn't be more different. With a larger particle size, flakier and lighter, this edible glitter will give your desserts, cookies, cakes, or any other food you want to put this glitter on an amazing shimmering WOW factor that will make your guests or customers jaws drop!

Garnish Glitter® - Is a very potent, shiny, shimmering edible food glitter used for decorating foods, cookie artistry, drink garnishes, confectionery goodies & on dusting over baking desserts! We use only FDA approved ingredients so these incredibly sparkly glitters are 100% safe, edible & consumable. These shimmering food glitters have a slightly silky texture & use only edible food grade and food safe ingredients!

In addition to our 5g standard size jars, we also have bulk size Garnish Glitter® sizes as well that come in 25g, 50g, 1lb, 1kg & 3kg containers and are sold at wholesale prices! Our bulk sizes are perfect when preparing for large parties, events or if you are a restaurant, hotel, casino, bakery, custom cake shop, catering company, wedding party planner or a reseller looking for steep discounts & wholesale pricing!

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Buying in Bulk

Are you a brewery, winery, coffee shop, tea company or manage a bar or restaurant in the food & beverage industry and are looking to buy Brew Glitter® or Brew Dust® in larger quantities? Maybe you have a large wedding, a corporate event, birthday party or company celebration and need more than just the industry standard 4g or 5g jars of edible glitter? And because you are planning on making a larger purchase you want far better pricing then what the pricing is for the 4g or 5g jars we sell. has you covered. We've made buying in bulk simple, fast and affordable! We are one of the largest suppliers of edible FDA compliant glitters & dusts in the USA! So what does that mean for you? It means we have what you need, when you need it, will ship your order fast - no lead times, AND, when you buy in bulk you get the best price breaks anywhere on the market! And its not even close. Go ahead, look around, you will quickly find that no FDA compliant bulk seller or wholesaler comes even close. Here are the benefits of buying in bulk with Brew Glitter®:

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Brew Glitter® comes in 3 BULK sizes online for quick shopping: 25g Jars, 50g Jars or 1 lb Bags - save up to 60% when you order in bulk! Simply select the Brew Glitter® products you want to buy, then select the size you need, and order - that's it!

Buy Brew Dust® In Bulk

Brew Dust® comes in 3 BULK sizes online for quick shopping: 25g Jars, 50g Jars or 1 lb Bags - save up to 60% when you order in bulk! Simply select the Brew Dust® products you want to buy, then select the size you need, and order - that's it!

Need Even More?

If you are buying or plan to buy more than 3 lbs of any one color of Brew Glitter or Brew Dust and/ or your combined order is more than $3,500 please reach out to our sales team and we might be able to help you save even more! In addition, if you plan on placing repeat bulk orders on a bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly basis you may also qualify for further bulk discounts.

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