The Ultimate Hot Chocolate Bar with Brew Glitter

Hot chocolate is a mainstay during the holidays, and it’s a good excuse to get family and friends together. Throw on some tunes, invite everyone to wear their pajamas, and swirl in some homemade cocoa mix into a holiday mug. Don’t forget the toppings! The best hot cocoa is loaded with the good stuff, everything from swizzle sticks, peppermint marshmallows, Andes chocolates, and toffee bits. And once you top your cocoa with a fluffy cloud of whipped cream, make sure to sprinkle Brew Glitter on top to give your cozy drink some sparkle! Here’s our tips for throwing together the ultimate hot chocolate bar for your next holiday party!

Hot Chocolate Bar with Brew Glitter | Blogs & Recipes!

Skip the Swiss Miss and make your own cocoa mix. Sure, you could use the store-bought stuff in a pinch, but homemade is always better. We combined 1 cup powdered milk, 1 cup powered coffee creamer, 1 ½ cup unsweetened cacao, 1 cup Nesquik, and 1 cup confectioners’ sugar in a big jar to make the creamiest, richest hot chocolate mix ever.

Keep your milk warm in the crockpot. You could use water, but we recommend whole milk for the creamiest flavor. A milk alternative, like oat or almond milk could work too! Heat up over low heat on the stove, then transfer to a crockpot kept on warm. This allows you to keep enough milk for multiple cups hot rather than creating a line at the microwave. 

Homemade marshmallows are easier than you think. If you’re up for the extra step, we highly recommend making your own marshmallows. It’s little more than gelatin, corn syrup, and sugar combined, and making your own means you can play with color, flavors, and shapes of your marshmallows. Plus, they are so much tastier than store bought. Search Pinterest for an entire arsenal of recipes!

The more toppings, the better. When you’re building the ultimate cup of hot chocolate, you need options. Don’t forget the chocolate syrup, caramels, butterscotch syrup, candy canes, sprinkles in all colors, white chocolate chips, Reese’s Pieces, malted milk balls, cinnamon sticks, pirouette cookies, or Hershey kisses!

Send your guests home with party favors! We like the idea of gifting our guests with a holiday mug, a bag of homemade cocoa mix, a jar of Brew Glitter, and a favor bag filled with toppings. Getting Brew Glitter in the hands of your guests means they’ll not only get to enjoy the ultimate cup of hot chocolate at home, they can enjoy their shimmery drinks at any time of year. It’s like you are letting them in on your secret party trick, and if you’re in the know, you know. Talk about being a killer host.  

Hot Chocolate Bar with Brew Glitter | Blogs & Recipes!

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