Brew Glitter Sprinkled on Coffee & Latte Drinks

Brew Glitter® is the perfect compliment for any cafe latte, coffee with whip, or any iced specialty coffee drink that you want to add some pizzazz, shine or sparkle to! Our edible food grade Brew Glitters are made with 100% FDA approved ingredients and don't dissolve! Our edible glitter line is perfect for any party or festive outing! 

Here is our edible Silver Latte Glitter sprinkled over a cafe latte coffee, looks beautiful! 

Food Grade Silver Brew Glitter™ 4g |

A great close up of our NEW edible Gold Brew Glitter, stunning!

NEW! Edible Food Grade Gold Tinker Dust™ Edible Glitter 4g | Bakell™

We have a full range of edible, food grade beverage glitters perfect for any number specialty coffee drinks! Go to and check out our full edible dust line!

Bakell Coffee Dust™ & Latte Glitter™ | from

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